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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Retain Character Charm With Modern, Timber Frame Sash Windows

Whether you want to add period charm to a modern property, or are renovating a period property so that it retains the same character and charm that attracted you to buy the property in the first place, one of the architectural features that you will need to consider is the windows. Consider the existing windows, determine whether they can be repaired, and choose windows that are in keeping with the time period and the design that you want for your home.

Traditional windows can look great in modern property, and sash windows do offer the benefit of providing a lot of glazing space while being filled with character and charm. Although uPVC frames are available, if you want to achieve a truly period look, then timber frames are your best option – in fact, timber frames can last longer, they can be refreshed and repaired rather than having to replaced, and they are arguably the greener option when compared to uPVC, meaning that they are the first choice in sash window frames for many buyers and property owners.

Of course, if you own a period property, then you will want to find features that match the original features. In the case of windows, you can look to have the original windows repaired if they are still in place, and if they are in a condition that allows for repair. However, while timber frames can last 100 years or more, and still be repaired and updated, there does come a time when they eventually need replacing.

Windows that are badly damaged will need replacing, even if they are made from timber frames. Fortunately, there are companies that can provide modern timber framed windows that look authentic but offer a number of benefits over their older counterparts. More modern treatment techniques, double glazing, and improved hardware for the sliding and locking mechanisms are among some of those benefits, and they can help ensure that your window last longer and look better throughout their lifetime.

Many different layout of sash window can be chosen. Some windows are top opening, while others are bottom opening, and there are some that offer both options. You can choose the size of window pane, and you can also choose the layout of the smaller panes, or lights. These were traditionally added because the technology at the time that traditional windows were made did not allow for the inclusion of a single, large sheet of glazing, and different configurations were popular during different periods. You should choose the configuration of window lights that best fits the period of property that you are working on.

Timber frame windows do require professional fitting. They commonly use hardwood, because many of the products used to treat softwood frames have been banned for ecological reasons, and the frames and glazing not only need to be measured accurately, but they need to be treated, they need to be fitted properly, and they need to be checked and tested to ensure their safety.

The Original Box Sash Window Company can produce and install windows for any period property, consult on choosing the most appropriate type and design of window, and they will ensure that the sash windows are professionally and securely fitted.

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