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Monday, November 30, 2015

Design your home…………..define your taste

Glass & its significance

Aspects that define your home interiors define your taste as well. So does the glass designs as your interiors. Glass provides versatility, visibility & light transmission. Security, durability and energy conservation is also assured with the use of glass.

Glass denotes beauty and functionality & is scratch resistant as well. Glass also resists heat and ensures safety. Easy maintenance & cost effectiveness is also gained through glass.

axiom interior - Glass & its significance

Glass looks brilliant as a shower screen or/and partition. Decorative mirrors & glass tiles are also attractive when designed in the right manner. Glass is vibrant as a door partition or decorative panel in commercial set ups especially (pictures)

Frosted glass, tinted glass, textured glass, stained glass, figured glass & opaque glass are used for the appealing and soothing designing of your interiors. With the right choice of glass in the interiors right mood is set and emphasized

Painting sets your mood

Pigments in the paint give color and opacity; color to the mood is set through it. The binder in the paint keeps the protection on; binding the mood of the resident. Solvent and additives are used for thinning the paint & varnish and for quick dry or flow control.

axiom interior - wall painting

The various types of paints used for the interiors are oil paints, enamel paints, distemper, Duco paints & textured paints. Oil paint in the modern interior designing are applied as an oil finishing & protection of woods and exposed metals. Thus provides a finishing to your mood

Enamel paint on the other hand is a hard paint that gives a glossy finish to your interior furniture & your moods. Distemper is the base to your walls used for holding different colours. It holds the color on the walls and your mood too

Exemplify your taste with your choice of upholstery

Upholstery includes providing comfort with appropriate furniture. Perfect couch, seats, and right materials are used assuring luxury and comfort. The varied upholstery includes leather, couches, sofas, dhurrie, carpet and curtains.

axiom interior - upholstery

The choice of couch or sofas or modern bin bags defines one’s taste and art of living. Curtains and carpets are symbolic to your sense of art and taste of lifestyle effectively.  As per the personality the interiors are designed with right upholsteries. Right design and perfect choice enhances your mood and assures peaceful living with personalized interiors.

Outline your most private space

Your bathroom denotes your most private space in your entire residence. Designing it according to your choice and comfort is the best part of our art in interior designing. The design of your bathroom is established with the best accessories and fittings defining your style.

axiom interior - bathroom decor

A bathtub is the most comfortable place you indulge into while bathing. Most of the modern bathtubs are of fiberglass, acrylic and others. If you look for something else then alternative options like enamel over steel or cast iron and others are also available to satisfy your traditional taste

Jacuzzi is a company that produces bathtubs and spas with whirlpool but it has been popularized and trademarked to any bath with water jets. 

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