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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Tips on Staying Warm in the Winter

With the harsh Canadian winters, it can be difficult to stay warm no matter how hard you try. However, there are ways of staying warm even in the face of the harshest and most brutal winter weather. With temperatures dropping to as low as -40 degrees Celsius, it can be dangerous to not take proper measures to ensure that you are as warm as possible. Here are some tips on staying warm this winter season:
Bundle up
            It seems like an obvious tip, yet many people fail to properly bundle up before heading out into the snow. The best way to keep warm is to have as many layers as you possibly can, without limiting your mobility. It is a good idea to wear long johns underneath all of your clothes, or even just an undershirt, as it provides an extra layer. Make sure you always wear a long sleeved shirt, sweater, winter jacket, snow boots, scarf, gloves and a hat before heading out the door.  Winter jackets and boots can be costly, but it is well worth the money, as cheap ones will fail to keep you warm. If you do not like wearing gloves because you can not use your phone, you can rest assured because you can buy gloves that are phone screen friendly for about ten dollars at your local Walmart. 
Eat hot foods
It is important that in this season you stay away from cold foods, such as ice cream. Your body needs all the warmth it can get and that can also be done through the type of food we eat. Make sure you have a bowl of porridge for breakfast, some soup during the day and stop off at your local Tim Hortons or Second Cup to get a hot chocolate or a coffee. Other foods that help keep you warm are nuts, Brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes and many others. 
Make sure your home and car are prepared
            You do not want to wake up in the morning only to see that there is a sheet of ice on your car that prevents the windshield wipers from doing their job. The best way to avoid this is to leave them up before you go inside, especially if the weather forecast calls for snow. Before you get in your car in the morning, make sure you leave it running with the heater on high, for at least fifteen minutes before you get in. Making sure your home is properly equipped to keep you warm in the winter is crucial. You have to make sure that the windows are properly sealed and that they are not letting in any cold air or letting out any precious warm air.  Also, make sure that your furnace is working properly and if it is not, research furnace repair downingtown pa, and find the best company to do the job.

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