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Friday, August 15, 2014

Eclectic Coach House in Canada with a High Level of Seductiveness

 The contemporary eclectic Coach House by French interior designer Stephane Chamard comes with a puzzling level of seductiveness. While its exterior makes one think of a classic home filled with year-old artifacts, the truth is this design scheme is as vivid and up-to-date as possible. Tall ceilings allowed the designer to envision a home fit for royalty, with generously-sized areas answering the living needs of the owners.

 An old fireplace with well-kept detailing creates the perfect focal point in the living room, where modern seating elements were fashionably integrated. It’s almost impossible not to be instantly attracted towards the red office zone, a special part of the house filled with art and energy. We love the way designer Stephane Chamard harmonized a variety of contrasting elements and how this resulted into a dynamic place of residence. Bursting with personality, this home in Canada is our idea of quality interior design inspiration.


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