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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Creating your Own Handmade Curtains

Handmade curtains are getting a lot of popularity not only in the United Kingdom, but also around the globe. Some people might think that all curtains are handmade. There are some that are created by machines and there are some that are personally made and hand crafted by professional sewers.

You can’t really say that it is rare to find handmade curtains, but it is difficult to know whether a curtain is handmade or not. If you think that making a handmade curtain is really hard, here is a simple do-it-yourself technique to create a simple curtain with amazing designs.

Buying the Cloth and Choosing the Design

Buying the cloth and choosing the colour and design is a very important factor when creating handmade curtains. If you want to find high quality cloths with great designs, it is best to look at the products of Kurtinz as they offer the best on the market today.

Make sure that the cloth that you will choose will complement the design of your house. Well, you don’t want to adjust the design of the house just because you made the wrong choice when it comes to the fabric.

Do not choose a fabric with only a single design on the other side. Make sure that both sides have the same design.

Prepare the Measurements

After buying the fabric and choosing an appropriate design for the curtain, the next step is to prepare the measurements. This is dependent on the size of your window and the type of curtain that you want to put. You can consider curtains that are covering a wide area including a part of the wall or you can create a curtain that will only cover the window itself.

Most people choose curtains that also cover a part of the wall since it is quite elegant. Start by measuring the parts of the window, but make sure to put an allowance before cutting the fabric. Try to put an allowance for the top part because the rod will be inserted in it.

Start Sewing

This is the hardest part of the process, especially if you don’t know anything about sewing. You need a sewing machine because doing it manually may cause problems in the design.

Put the fabric in the machine and sew the sides first. You can also add a lining, but make sure that that it is located at the wrong side of the fabric. Make sure that the layers are aligned properly and hold on to the pattern and follow it slowly until you finish sewing. Make sure that you will not lost track of the pattern because you will have to redo everything when it happens.

You can always add other designs on the curtain but it will be more advanced. This is definitely the simplest way to make handmade curtains. It is not as elegant as the curtains that you can buy from Kurtinz, but the looks and appearance will definitely complement your interior design.

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