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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Old office turned into an apartment by João Tiago Aguiar

This is the RF apartment. It didn’t always use to be an apartment or anything even close to that. This space used to be an office. It was transformed into an apartment by João Tiago Aguiar. It’s a 210 square meter area and it’s located on the top floor of a building in Avenida Rodrigo de Fonseca.

 Originally, this space was not suited for private living. It had very little and bad lighting and its internal structure was obviously that of an office, not of a private apartment. However, João Tiago Aguiar who worked in collaboration with Renata Vieira, Ana Caracol and Sílvia Amaral managed to turn this space into an inviting home. The old office only has small openings at the top of the walls. This was not the internal structure that architects desired for the apartment they were going to create.

 The entire interior of the office has been demolished. The structural elements were the only ones that were preserved. After that, it all began to take shape. The small cracks were turned into large windows and separate rooms were created. A deck was also created. It surrounds the apartment and it resembles a large balcony. The interior is now more airy and less compartmentalized. The décor is more colorful and inviting. The living areas are separates from the private rooms by a series of bicolor cabinets. The overall look is stylish, simple but definitely friendlier than it used to be.{found on archdaily and pics by FG+SG}.

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