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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Living Large Within a Natural Paradise: The Ephelia Resort in Seychelles

  Located near the island of Mahe and overlooking the Indian Ocean, the Ephelia Resort in Seychelles is the ideal spot to relax at the large Spa Village, indulge at different restaurants or have fun playing squash, tennis, water sports and even more. The breathtaking views, nice terraces, sand beaches and gardens combined with the luxury of the interiors make this place fabulous.

 The turquoise water and the beautiful soft beaches, as well as the sea breeze and the adorned tropical plants make for a thrilling stay that will bring you peace and relaxation. This natural paradise carpeted by lush vegetation and home to a breathtaking landscape creates a zen, quiet and intimate atmosphere. In addition, the resort includes a children club and several types of accommodation offering a pure lifestyle holiday experience that you will never forget. Enjoy the photos below, as well as the positive vibes they inspire!


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