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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Fresh interiors with wooden floors and Nordic design

Wooden floors are a very beautiful detail in a home. They add a sense of cozyness and warmth regardless of the texture and color. They are also an elegant touch. Nowadays almost every home has wooden floors. The style and interior design is irrelevant because this is a detail that adapts to any environment. However, wooden floors and specific to the Nordic design.

 There’s no other feeling like the one of being able to walk barefooted on warm wooden floors in your own house. Marble or tiled floors are sometimes easier to maintain and clean but they don’t offer the same feeling. They are cold and it’s more difficult to create a warm and inviting décor with such elements. Wooden floors are unique. There are several different designs and looks for them. For example, one of the most appreciated and beautiful is the matte finish usually seen in Nordic decors.

 There, the timber gets no treatment and thus has that natural matte finish, very beautiful and very stylish. The textured wood pieces are perfect for home interiors. All the rooms can benefit from such beautiful elements. We have here some examples that show you different interior, different designs but, most importantly, different but equally beautiful wooden floors with matte finishes. Notice how easy it is to form a warm and inviting decor around them. The colors can vary and so can the material and even the texture. But one thing remains a constant: the beauty and elegance of matte wooden floors.{found on Dinesen}.

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