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Saturday, January 11, 2014

White is the New Color: Living Room Walls

White is an often-overlooked color for walls. Maybe it’s because many of us, having grown up with white walls in our childhood homes, see white walls as a poor excuse for absence of color options. But I’m here to show you that, no matter what your décor style, painting your walls white just might be the best, chicest option for you.

 White walls in the living room certainly doesn’t mean keeping things devoid of color and personality. Quite the opposite, in fact! By choosing, then sticking to, a striking color palette, white walls provide an excellent backdrop to showcase and highlight your style.

 This Swedish apartment pulls out all the stops on charm, with chunky wood wall beams and modern floor lamp and everything in between. Simplicity and good taste are exuded in clean lines and accessory self-restraint.

 On the formal side of home style, with its moldings, moldings, and more moldings, this traditional space appears fresh and warm with its pinkish-white walls. Although the architectural details are definitely noticeable, they don’t overwhelm the space in more attention-grabbing colors.

 When bold patterns and colors don’t have large-scale colors to compete with (as is often the case with a living room’s color-painted walls), they shine that much bolder and brighter. Which is the whole point of having a statement piece or two, isn’t it?

 This natural-lit family-friendly living room embraces the clarity of muted tones and straight and parallel lines. White walls complement the airiness of the glass-windowed walls and refuse to compete with the minimalist vibe here.-Via

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