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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Fireplace Accessories That Will Light Up Your Living Room

It has be true to say that a fireplace is the focal point of a room, whether it is in use or not. Nowadays, we may spend more time relaxing in our living rooms staring a screen, rather than the hearth, but the fireplace remains the big draw on the eye, particularly when the room is first entered.


 Well designed fireplaces can look wrong if there is nothing set into the hearth itself. Dried flowers look good, as do pine kernels. Alternatively set some ceramic gray pebbles into your fireplace.

 Old fashioned fireplaces look great when use them in contemporary settings but for a more up to date look opt for something a little more modern. The traditional looking chimney breast, hearth, surround and mantel have all been updated and improved so that modern fireplaces will suit nearly any living room, even those which have not been designed with a chimney, or flue, in mind.

 Apartments with communal central heating and many modern homes have no place dedicated for a fireplace built into the design. If you are seeking the focal point and glow that a hearth can bring, why not opt for a miniature one?
 These, or fake ceramic logs, will withstand any high temperatures that result from burning fuel in the fireplace, but also look great when it is not in use. Like ceramic fire-fillers, metalwork sculptures add structure but don’t create lots of ash which needs to tidied up, so try these out, too.

 As such a cool looking fireplace, even if you never light it, says a lot about your interior design. Don’t overlook what a fireplace can bring to a room even if, with central heating, you have no real need of one.


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