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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Cinema Renovated Into A Large Luxury Apartment

This unique studio apartment is a renovation of Plaza-Astoria Cinema in Stockholm. The cinema was designed by Bjorn Hedvall and opened in 1931 but recently it become this luxury 423 square meter living space. The apartment features a 39 square meter terracen and an 22 square meter orangery. The main living area has the ceiling height of 7.8 meters and includes such cool things as a fire ring, a luxury bathroom with adjoining sauna, a Japanese recreational area, a raised sleeping area, a walk-in closet and a 5 meter high palm-tree. The magnificent terrace has sun all day long in the summer. Besides, the apartment also features two storage space of 92 square meters of total area. Currently it’s available for sale and for rent.


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