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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Window Seat Design Ideas By Candice Olson

How it is so nice to have place make you feel relax and in same time feel warmth surround you, today we will show you nice ideas to have your place in incredible way with nice windows seats add fantastic touch to your place. You can see how the designer in first photo use the place under room’s window by adding nice sofa corner in beige color full of colored pillows white, beige and bright blue pillows, it is perfect place to read and relax and enjoying sunlight and he also add nice small round table in middle to have your nice cup of coffee or your cup of tea when reading. In second photo you can see how the designer create nice retreat with inviting feel and warm feeling by adding simple two sofas in brown color with nice tons of pillows in green and brown colors and let nice chandler come from ceil has oriental touch to give the place warm touch also add very simple wooden table in middle with simple table set. The bedroom in photos below is so elegant and you can feel that it is full of luxury with its chocolate color and nice chocolate-colored window seat that make it more luxury. Also there is nice studio place with its wonderful color of white and blue with very nice simple you can say bed or sofa as you like under window to creative contemplation. In the last photo how the window seat is beautiful with its sofa that has nice floral pattern and nice simple pillows that give you feeling how this place is so nice in lazy days.


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