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Monday, December 9, 2013

Porches and Patios Dressed for Christmas: Ideas and Inspiration

It’s the season to decorate with stuffed Santas, glass snowmen, and lots of red and gold sparkles. We string lights around the house and put up the Christmas tree inside, but what are some fun, creative ideas for decorating the porches and patios? Guests see them and people drive by and take a peek at your Christmas decorations everyday during the holiday season, so why not add a bit of extra festivity to your outdoor spaces. Let’s take a peek at some porches and patios dressed for Christmas and grab some ideas and inspiration!

 Decorate a smaller tree to adorn the front porch with. Place it beside the door and have it greet all your guests throughout the holiday season.

 Have fun cutting out some of your own (and laminating them to keep them from weathering) snowflakes and hanging them outside. It’s simple and subtle, but still pays homage to the season.

 You can always keep it simple and traditional by keeping the decor at the door. Line the door with greenery and poinsettias for a homey, cozy bit of festivity.

 Fun, easy and festive, use some of those extra large ornaments to line your porch or patio. You can see them from the road and they’re just plain playful and adorable.

 Take an old dresser and really make a scene. Stuff it with lots of Christmasy flair to create a welcoming, seasonal and fun surprise for all your guests!

 We love the addition of the old-fashioned, wooden sled. Add one bit of decor such as this and you’ll create something even more magical.

 Stick to a color theme such as powder blues and whites. It’ll create a frosty, eclectic style which such an ease and sophistication. We love how it makes such a frosty, snowy-white look.

 Create a cozy nook out on your back patio. Make it complete with festive throw pillows and Christmas-colored, warm and fuzzy blankets!

 What’s Christmas without some presents for the family? And what’s a better way than to decorate the scene with some beautifully packages gifts? The kids will love it and so will you, every time you get to walk by.-Via

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