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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Pink Living Room Decorating Ideas

For people like pink color especially women and girls and wish to have an awesome living room with pink color, don’t worry today we will show some examples to how have your living room in pink color. Pink color is one of very nice colors is come from red color when you have it you will feel that there is touch of famine in your living room, it add happiness and freshness to your room, it not important to paint all your living room in same pink color and have furniture in pink color to have a living room in pink color, this wrong idea because you will feel sick because all things around you in same color. So from this point you can have a pink color in elegant way, you can paint your room in white color and after that you can have your curtains in pink color, also you can have furniture in white color with adding pillows in pink color or blanket in its armchair also it pink color it will add very nice touch in pinky color, also you can add a beautiful rug in light pink. You can have also a beautiful sofa with 2 colors white and pink colors with some flowery pattern in pink color it can add very nice touch to your living room. If you want paint your living room walls in pink try to be in light pink like shades of pink with white curtains to feel comfortable also if you want your furniture in pink choose in very light pink color , you can have brown rug in your floor to break color of pink around your room. So I think this ideas will help you to have a very nice living room in pink color.


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