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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Modern White Sofa Bed from Molteni&C

What do you think of having one piece do multitasks in same time? From this point you will like Night and Day as a new seating system designed by Patricia Urquiola as the new innovative solutions for saving space, its idea come from that it is single piece of furniture that implements functions of many separate ones. Sleep, work, relax, watching tv and many other things are possible with it. Night & Day has the design without limits: colors, sizes, adjustable back and built-in accessories can be combined together to satisfy individual needs. The foundation of the system is a thin platform that is curved up to form a back rest. The curved section is actually flexible and can be adjusted from a vertical seating position to a reclining one. You can find the wide one and the tall one of the platform with cushions as you like, which are sized to function as a single bed, or not. Multiple platforms could be combined to adapt various sized spaces. The system also could be accompanied by storage bins, tables, and some clever pouches with integrated reading lights that hold magazines, books, and newspapers.


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