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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Green Living Room Designs

Are you one of people that fan with green color looking for redecorating your living room with this color? Today we are going to help you by showing new ideas for green living rooms that can help you in redecorating your own one. You can paint your living room’s wall in bright green and add your furniture in dark brown with nice coffee table in white color in middle, it will give you nice contrast to mix colors in this way also you can use mirrors in one of walls to give you feeling that your living room is wide. If you don’t like dark brown you can choose nice yellow sofa with nice bright green chair with nice round coffee table in middle with nice brown entertainment center with golden chandelier come from ceil , it will create fantastic simple modern living room for you. You can also use different shades of green color for your living room furniture with brown color for bookcase; it will create very wonderful living room and comfy one. If your partner didn’t like green color and you want add simple touch with green color you can use pillows in green color if you have sofa in blue color it will give you fantastic contrast and you can add your favorite color as you wish. You can also have your furniture in one level green color with walls in white color and floor in beige color with rug in orange color; you can add nice pillows to your sofa in red, blue and dark red or any color match with your green sofa to give you nice look that you are looking for.


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