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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Contemporary Dutch House Design – House In Museumlaan by Cino Zucchi

This house is located in small Dutch city in south-eastern province of Overijssel, on the border with Germany. It’s set among other houses around and has emphasized difference between the face side, defined by dark gray-brown bricks, and the back side, where the private garden is. Even though outside the house looks quite big, inside it’s far smaller and more intimate. Although there is everything the family could possibly need and even more. Besides having common big living areas there a lot of small extra spaces, generated by the links between house stores and placed almost random manner. The entire house shows the architect’s love to asymmetry: position of elements (windows, floors, rooms) and a variety of materials used (painted wood, aluminum, glass, brick and so on). The ground floor offers a variety of environments and living spaces: kitchen, dining area, meeting areas, TV room and study. There isn’t underground floor in the house because the double garage is integrated into building volume, but there is the tower room with an internal height of 3,7 meters. Even though the project isn’t look like usual European house designs it’s still nice example of contemporary architecture.


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