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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Vincent Kartheiser’s Hollywood Cabin –A Compact But Well-Designed Space

A Hollywood star’s house is expected to be this huge and impressive space but sometimes you can be surprised of the choices they make. Today we’re going to analyze actor Vincent Kartheiser’s Hollywood cabin, a very well organized space with style and elegance. The cabin was redesigned by Funn Roberts and the goal was to maximize every last inch of space as well as to make it look inviting and comfortable.
For example, the bed was designed to hang from the ceiling so, when not needed, it basically disappears into the ceiling and it can be pulled down whenever the actor needs to relax a little or to take a nap. The entrance features a steel and glass front door that basically gives the tone for the rest of the space.

 Smart- space-saving ideas were used throughout the space. Because the actor really wanted to have a loft, the designer chose to open up the space and to make it one large room. The style chosen for the interior is Japanese-industrial.



 The bathroom and the closets were hidden behind custom Japanese-inspired fiberglass and steel sliding screens that glow when they’re illuminated from behind. The fact that the bed is suspended from the ceiling and can rise up whenever not needed is perfect because this maximized the living space without eliminating the actual bedroom space.-Via

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