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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Tiny Garden House Featuring A Feminine Design

The fact that teenagers are very difficult is not a secret. It’s a very annoying period because it seems like they don’t get along with anyone. It’s a time when they want more privacy and independence and they start to hate being stuck in the same home as their parents. Well, this whole problem was solved in a very healthy and beautiful way by the owners of this property found in Sweden.

The main house had a nice garden. In this garden a tiny house was built. Here, the teenage girl can have some privacy and can invite her friends over without being disturbed by anyone. The house only measures 10 square meters in total but it’s enough for a single person. It has a very lovely design.

 The exterior has been painted black with purple accents and a grey roof and the interior is, as expected, very girly. The house wasn’t built with this specific goal in mind. It used to be a garden shed and it only got a makeover.-Via

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