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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Sleekest & Brightest White Office Chairs

Your home office should be just as inspirational, if not more so, than a away from the house cubicle at a multi-person space. Pristine and ready to be used, nothing says wow like a bright and white office chair sitting at the desk.

 Of course you can go with a classic look, ones with wheels on the bottom and armrests on the sides. But you may find the most perfectly funky piece to use everyday at your desk that doesn’t necessarily fit the traditional office mold. It’s your choice, your office and your style.

 Whether it’s a room filled with chic black edges, accents in silver and just a dab of white making a super futuristic and fashion-foward look or an office painted in layers of powdery blues and soft grays, white statement chairs can find a place in either style.-Via

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