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Monday, November 25, 2013

Steps to Create a Cosy Kitchen

For many years the kitchen has been a place where contemporary, sleek, sophisticated and simplistic designs have come to the fore. But as we are now fully ingrained in 2013 it would seem that cosy kitchens have found a place in the heart of home owners everywhere. And why wouldn’t you want to go down this route?

 Typically you would find bar stools in a kitchen area. However, these are uncomfortable and very harsh in terms of design too. Instead, opt for seating that is plush, comfy and cosy – such as the example in the picture above. If you don’t have enough room for an elaborate dining area then a small coffee table with two armchairs in the corner of your kitchen may be something you wish to consider.

 Block letters and plaques are extremely popular at the moment. Again, you are incorporating wood, and thus you already know you are onto a winner. Nevertheless, these letters provide you with the opportunity to add a homely quality into your kitchen too via the phrase you choose.

 The kitchen should be a place filled with fun, warmth, creativity, comfort and joy. And these are exactly the qualities provided when using the following tips to style your very own cosy kitchen.

 And finally, there is something extremely romantic and undeniably soothing about flowers. By simply incorporating a vase of fresh flowers in your kitchen you can really create a more welcoming and relaxing environment. And not forgetting; the smell of fresh flowers is delightful too.

 Opting for a pastel shade is a great way to bring some cosiness into your home. Bright colours can be too overpowering and can give individuals a headache. Neutral or conservative shades don’t have enough in them to create a warm environment. Pastel colours meet in the middle and thus they provide you with some fantastic shades to use in your cosy kitchen.

 Nothing says cosy and homely better than chunky wooden furniture. Wood possesses a traditional and rustic vibe which simply cannot be emulated by any other type of material. It is also a material that literally brings warmth into the home and thus you can be assured that the comfort factor will definitely increase in your kitchen. So, ditch the stainless steel, and go for the conventional with wood furniture.-Via

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