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Thursday, November 28, 2013

One-Room Scandinavian Apartment With An Interesting Layout

Although moving into a one-room apartment is not something I would ever consider, I have to admit that there are plenty of such spaces that look amazing consider the actual size. They have homey and inviting interiors and they look surprisingly spacious. Some also have very interesting and ingenious layouts, like this Scandinavian apartment for example.

 The distribution of the spaces and the layout are definitely interesting. The interior décor is quite unusual as well. It’s a combination of modern and rustic. The exposed brick walls definitely add a rustic touch to the whole space and they make it feel more warm and cozy while the minimalist modern furniture and some of the other features create a strong contrast throughout but also contribute to an overall balanced décor.

 This is an apartment that basically has two levels. The bottom level is the main living space which includes the living room and the kitchen as well as an intimate dining area. The top level is tiny and it basically only contains the sleeping area. It has a bed and a sconce and nothing more.You can access the sleeping area via a small staircase and it’s not actually a separate room because it’s not fully enclosed. Underneath this sleeping area is a work space with a small desk and a chair.-Via

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