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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Mustard and Chocolate-Covered Rooms: Ideas & Inspiration

Funky and quirky, mustard may not be the most popular of yellow-shades but it’s stylish enough to make ranks with the finest of bold shades. And then there’s the silky, smooth and favorite chocolate brown. A rich and warm shade that can easily balance out most pastel and feminine tones with ease and sophistication. Put the two together and you’ll have a fantastical room fit for a drama queen or even the most posh of princess styles. Take a look at these yellow and brown rooms for some easy inspiration and ideas!

1. A Contemporary Living Room.


We love how smooth and sunny this living space is. The pop of yellow creates a bright spot, the chocolate wall accent creates an easiness quirkiness with lots o interest and the simple layout and furniture pieces help with a contemporary ethos.

2. An Eclectic Dining Room.


This space is full of spunk and eclecticism. We love the surprising use of mustard and the light chocolate furniture that rounds off and compliments the space with lots of illusions of natural light. And the light fixture is a fun and artistic surprise!

3. A Cozy Study.


This grand storage system not only serves as wonderful organization but the books and creamy chocolate color makes the room artistic and cozy. The mustard furniture compliments the darkness in an easy way as well.

4. A Bohemian Free Space.


Not only is this a brilliant use of extra space, but it’s also incredibly stylish and freeing. Use an extra hallway to room as a place to relax, read, write or take a nap! The use of this power duo is easy to master a bohemian, cultural style around.

5. A Traditional Living Room.


The darkness surrounding this living space makes it more traditional in style genre. But, the funky print on the furniture and the cave-like space, make it fashion-forward enough to be photographed and remembered.

6. A Quirky Home Office.


Doesn’t the mustard just radiant throughout this chocolate-covered office. Those who work better in a dimmer, cozier space should consider taking these too surprising colors and using them to inspire their home office!

7. A Futuristic Bathroom.


We also love using milky whites as a foundation as it creates a clean palette, but it also helps to create a futuristic feel to this mustard and chocolate accented, simplified bathroom. This duo makes for a rustic addition to a spacey space!

8. An Artistic Living Room.


Everything in this living room has a playful, artistic touch. And that includes the incorporation of mustard and chocolate shades as it’s such an unsuspecting choice of color combination.

9. A Modern Bedroom.


We love how warm and cozy this bedroom seems. It’s traditional in vibe but modern in style. The colors blend together to make it a light-hearted, homey feel but it’s also rich in natural lighting and design.

10. A Flea-Market Living Room.

How incredible is the use of mustard and chocolate in this room? In small doses, it works just as well as complimentary tones. The gray in the room gives it an unsuspecting twist and the flea-market inspired accessories make this a quirky and inviting space to gather with friends in.-Via

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