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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Home Sweet Home In 21 Square Meters Of Space In Madrid

21 square meters is usually the size of a small room which could be better if it were bigger so it’s very difficult to imagine how one could live in such a tiny space and call it home. But sometimes interior decors can surprise you. Size becomes less important when you have functionality and comfort on your side.
 Take this apartment for example. It only measures 21 square meters but it’s inviting and not as cramped as you might think. The apartment is located in Madrid, Spain and it has been designed by MYCC in 2012. It’s spacious enough to allow a single person to live and work here without problems.

 The transition between the rooms is seamless and this allows the apartment to be looked at as a whole and not as a tiny space delimitated into even smaller areas. The décor is functional and the focus is on comfort and practicality. Minimalism was a must in this case and, as it turns out, it was a very good choice. The apartment might not be as great as a larger home but it’s surprisingly wonderful as it is.-Via

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