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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Fairytale-Inspired Trailer Interiors On The Roof Of A Hotel

Trailers are not exactly a standard of luxury when it comes to interior design and it’s understandable. They’re just tiny spaces found in parking lots, surrounded by dust and with very limited space inside. But the trailers we’re describing are no regular trailers.

 First of all, they’re located on the rooftop of a hotel and this makes them special from the start. Also, they’ve been decorated by artists so they have beautiful and unique interiors.

 The theme chosen for the trailers is inspired by fairy tales, more exactly by Goldilocks and the three bears, Dorothy and several other examples. The luxurious trailers have inviting and sophisticated interiors featuring beautiful colors and palettes and carefully chosen accent details.

 The Dorothy Airstream, for example, features a duck egg-blue interior with white polka dots, some of them with mini-exhibition items inside.

 The Love of Lace trailer is pink and very feminine. The Pleasantville trailer has a very suggestive name and a 1950′s inspired interior. It’s decorated with mint green and cherry red accents. The Afro Funk trailer has an earthy color theme that gives you a beautiful African experience, of course, without the wildlife. All the trailers are interesting and unique and they definitely erase all preconceptions related to their nature.-Via

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