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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Exclusive House in Cape Town, South Africa

Girdled by natural plants on three sides, the house has been erected at the exceptional plot at the Table Mountain, offering amazing views of the city as well as the harbor below the mountain. The splendor structure is integrated with surrounding landscape in order to create a natural and tranquil space.

The most remarkable feature of the house is the reflective pond. The pond flows from the interiors to the outside area, and cools the house in warm months. Moreover, once it is outside, it stretches into the waterfall and forms the filter for the swimming pool.

So here’s another modern and interesting house. This time located in South Africa. It seems like people all over the world have the same ideas when it comes to building modern houses. This one is also located in a very beautiful area, with very beautiful landscape and amazing natural elements that surround this place.

 As for the exterior design, it look very elegant and simple, but also modern. I like the soft color used to cover this entire structure. It blends beautifully and very natural into the surroundings and it seems to have gained its place there. One of the most interesting elements is obviously the pool. In terms of interior design there are not many information. But I assume it’s as beautiful and elegant as the exterior.{Antonio Zaninovic Architecture Studio}.

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