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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Dilapidated Building Converted Into A Beautiful Home Featuring Exposed Brick Walls

It’s not that rare to see old buildings redesigned and renovated but usually they’re not in such bad shape. This used to be a dilapidated building so it was almost a ruin.


Then designer Alexandros Washburn found it and he fell in love with it instantly. He bought the three story brick and stone house and decided to make it his family home. Not long after they all moved in the whole house got flooded with water from the Hudson and East Rivers. It was a bad night but the designer managed to see the good in this disaster.

 Everyone got evacuated that night except for him who stayed there and tried to understand what the storm did to the house so he could fix it. Amazingly, he came up with a solution. He decided to make his first floor and those of his neighbors floodproof. You’re probably wondering how exactly he planned to do that. Well he came up with a prototype for a hydrostatic equalizer with a series of perforated tubes that run under the foundation and channel the water away from the house.

Tất nhiên, có phải là một vấn đề với kế hoạch này. Luật quy định rằng nhà không có thể floodproofed và chỉ có tòa nhà thương mại có thể được hưởng lợi từ điều trị này. Vì vậy, ông Washburn đã quyết định ông sẽ thuê tầng trệt của căn nhà của mình cho một nhà hàng hoặc cửa hàng hoa. Đó chắc chắn là một kế hoạch đầy tham vọng. -Via

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