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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Compact House Concept Designed To Serve As An Extension

Passion House M1 is not a residence or a unique house. It was designed by Architect 11 to serve as an addition for a possibly existing house or as an extension for a garden. It can also serve as a guesthouse or shed or it can be looked as as an independent development such as a summer cottage or beach house.
 The structure was designed with two versions. One features a large sauna while the other has a main bedroom instead of that. The structure occupies an area of 51.4 square meters and it’s a project completed in 2013. It’s intended to match with other larger houses and it offers the possibility of having 10 different layouts and sizes.

 They range from 40 square meters saunas to 500 square meter villas. In terms of materials and design, the concept combines prefabricated structural elements with on-site reinforced concrete.The house was designed to fulfill the energy consumption requirements in the Nordic countries.

 The house is equipped with high standard ventilation systems and they features solar heating during spring and autumn. The materials used include wood which were employed for the walls and facades and glulam for the structural frame. Also, the houses were designed to be modern and to have more in common with stone and concrete structures than with traditional wooden houses.-Via

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