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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A Charming Oasis In Vietnam

Moving to a new country is not easy. You have to start a new life and to get used to calling home a strange space. It helps if you manage to find or to build a home that’s far away from everything that happens in the city and that feels like an oasis to you. It’s the case of Peter Arts and Hedwig Pira who left Belgium, their home country, and moved to Vietnam. They had an ambitious plan: to build themselves a dream home.
 They wanted it to be modest but to also have all they could desire. Surprisingly, the construction was completed in less than 4 months. Completed in 2009, this charming home continued to be polished and decorated for another year, until its owners were completely satisfied with the way it looked like.

 The house has a thatched roof. The waterproof canvas placed in between layers of palm fronds keep the rain out, although it’s not a great solution if you want to get rid of the sound as well. Inside, the house is very charming. The dark wooden doors with intricate cutouts contribute to the overall elegant décor.

 The entrance features a metal gate and, as you soon as you pass, you find yourself in a totally unique space. The house occupies an area of 3,200 square feet and it encircles an open courtyard.

 The owners wanted to personalize this place so they could really call it their home. So they also used designs of their own such as the carved stone tiles from one of the outdoor wals.-Via

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